Bespoke Schemes

White labelled solutions  with net rated pricing across a range of products.

InsurTech and Start up support

Regulatory and capital barriers make it hard for new firms to enter the insurance industry. The marriage of an InsurTech firm with the Cavere capability, experience and relationships can help transform the operation and substantially reduce the cost and speed to market of a new startup.

White Label Schemes and Products

Cavere Insurance provides a facility where individual products or a suite of products can be branded in the distributors’ corporate identity. This is often where the customer has a strong affinity to an organisation or the distributor does not want to dilute their brand by offering a stand alone product.The magenta system is branded at the point of sale along with all documentation. Cavere Solutions service the customers as your agent, effectively allowing you to have your own product. This approach also enables you to develop your own marketing and pricing strategy.


Cavere Solutions has multiple relationships with insurers and capital providers with expertise in most product areas. We can facilitate underwriting for you or you may prefer us to build the systems and processes around your existing underwriting arrangements on an outsourced basis.

Net Rated Pricing

The Magenta system is designed to allow complete flexibility around how a product is structured and sold. Where we provide you with a product and or underwriting provision we will do so on a wholesale net rated basis. This effectively gives you control of the retail pricing of the product allowing you to develop a pricing strategy that is right for your business and operating model. We will help you in understanding the competitiveness of a product in your chosen market and help you develop a sales and retention strategy that ensures brand loyalty and ongoing embedded value in the book.